The Gardens Homeowner's Governing Documents
and Request Forms

The Gardens RV Community is located within the Crossville Tennessee city limits and must comply with all laws and regulations that apply to that jurisdiction. That said, in order to maintain  The Gardens RV Village in the manner that its members have chosen,  additional documents govern those areas not covered by the city's laws and regulations.  All Homeowners Association Members  are governed by the DECLARATION OF COVENANTS, CONDITIONS, AND RESTRICTIONS (DCCR); BYLAWS; and BOARD APPROVED POLICIES.  If you are considering a move  to this community, please read these documents carefully.  We try to have just enough rules to keep the community well-maintained and viable without placing an undue burden on the Association members. 
Representative document that combines the current DCRs for phases 1-5, phase 6 and phase 8 into one document.
Association Bylaws
This document represents the Official Bylaws of Gardens RV Village Homeowners Association, Inc., containing all revisions up to and including the Sixth Amendment. This document, as displayed, is not in and of itself a recorded document.
Standard operating procedures for conducting the Association's business
Association Policies 
This document reflects all current Board-approved policies of the Gardens RV Village Homeowners Association, Inc.
Some of the HOA Committee Functions..................
Perimeter Fence Memo 12/8/2007
Memorandum Of Agreement – Developer and Gardens RV Village 8/29/2014
Memorandum Of Agreement – Developer and Gardens RV Village 8/20/2016
Use this form to request approval for any exterior addition,  change or alteration of any type to your house.  The form has two pages.  Please print it on both sides of one sheet of paper per your printer's capabilities.
Use this form to request reimbursement from the HOA of personal out-of-pocket expenses used for purchasing items officially budgeted by the HOA.